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Press pictures

Pictures for the press in print resolution 2-5 megapixel CMYK can be found in the gallery. Clicking on the picture shown opens it in a new browser window. From there the picture can be saved.


Please ask for our DVD, it's no problem to send you the movies in their full resolution. You can download the videos below in the same size as those at the Videos-Page.
Please click the right mouse button (or Mac: ctrl).


Comedy Contortion
Fire Show
Serpentine Dance
Snake Dance
Water Symphony



Please ask for a copy.


Technical details

The following technical details point out the minimum requirements.
Larger stages, more light etc. are always welcome!



Show Duration Stage Height Sound & Light Important Setup
Aireal Act 7 or 9 min. 2 x 2 m Min. 5 m CD-Player, light: blue/green/magenta, Spot-follow, optional: black light and faser Fixpoint to hold 500 kg, distance to next wall min. 1,50 m 1 Stagehand 30 sec.
Aireal Act (with Construction) eyecatcher during the whole event 8 x 8 m 5,65 m or 7,90 m 4 spots (blue/green/magenta/black light) Cable reel for 4 spots 2 Stagehands to set it up and down, 30 min.
Comedy Contortion 7 min. 2 x 2 m 2 m CD-Anlage The audience should see the floor of the stage None
Goldfish Contortion 9 min. 2 x 4 m 2,50 m CD-Player, light yellow/red, blue/green, bubble machine is included (except for flight destinations) The stage shouldn't be placed in the middle of the room so that the audience is watching from one side only 2 strong stagehands, 2 min.
Contortion on Broken Glass 5 min. 2 x 2 m 3 m CD-Player, coloured lights -- Big glas table: 2 stagehands, 2 min., small glas box:
1 stagehand, 2 min.
Water Symphony 7 min. 3 x 4 m 3 m CD-Player, coloured lights -- Big glas table: 2 stagehands, 2 min., small glas box:
1 stagehand, 2 min.
Serpentine Dance 3 min. 3 x 3 m 3 m CD-Player, Spot follow with 5 colours or programmable spots -- None
Fire Show 10 min. 3 x 4 m 2,50 m CD-Player, darkness! No flammable decoration above stage, slippery floor after the show 1–2 stagehands, 2 min.
Snake Dance 5 or 8 min. 2 x 2 m 2 m CD-Player, coloured lights (yellow/red/blue) No drafts, 20°C at least, bus bar backstage 1–2 stagehands, 1 min.
WalkAct with Snake 20–30 min. -- -- -- No drafts, 20°C min, Socket outlet backstage




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